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Law Enforcement

Outsourced Tech LLC works with the industry leaders in LEO software to bring your law enforcement office the latest in technology. We understand the needs of your officers.

Our partners offers software applications and services, including systems training, consulting, and support services. Our software solutions include advanced records management system; computer aided dispatch to perform call-taking and dispatching functions; mapping modules to pinpoint and display the location of an event; and photo imaging software technology on line that allows departments to capture and print digital images of defendants, suspects, victims, property, accident, and crime scenes.


Our vendor solutions also comprise court management, which include criminal, civil, traffic, small claims, local violations, and parking bureau software application modules; clerk permits and licenses to assist town, city, and village clerks in the recording and printing of various licenses and permits; advanced mobile online, which allows interactive access to the dispatcher, mobile units, NCIC/GCIC/DMV, and key local databases through communication network. Our customers include police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire and EMS agencies, campus and university police, airport police, public safety agencies, private security firms, municipal courts, and municipal clerks.

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