Northeast Georgia VoIP and Cisco unified communications solutions

Cisco 8945Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) has been getting a lot of attention these days, and for a good reason. VoIP phone systems run on IP networks such as the internet or a private LAN. With VoIP you can keep your employee's connected wherever they go, increasing productivity and reducing expenses. Users can take advantage of the phone system's call forwarding feature to have their extension forwarded to their cell phone or landline.

Businesses who use VoIP also enjoy substantial cost savings due to a lack of long distance and other phone charges typically incurred from phone companies. Studies have found that VoIP actually saves up to 40% on local phone calls, and up to 90% on international phone calls, when compared to a traditional VoIP phones PSTN phone line. Another advtantage VoIP has over PSTN phone lines is conferencing. With a PSTN phone line only two people can talk at once, and with an IP based phone system an entire team of people can communicate with one another in real time. The vast number of features delivered from VoIP phone systems make them very enticing to businesses looking to save money, and boost productiveness.

  • Easy to add, change, or move phone extensions
  • Substantially lower costs
  • Speedy return on investment
  • Stay connected wherever you go
  • Extra virtual phone numbers
  • Virtual phone number voicemail boxes
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Auto-attendant