Servicing all areas of IT

Outsourced Tech LLC offers server and networking equipment sales, customized care, and a single source for your technical needs. We analyze your requirements, recommend the hardware and software that is right for you, and provide all the support and services you need. Best of all - we offer free estimates, great prices, and some of the best guarantees in the business.

Server Solutions

Basic Service, Troubleshooting, and Repairs

At Outsourced Tech LLC, we know how much you rely on your servers working properly everyday. That's why our mission is to provide fast, effective server services at reasonable prices. Outsourced Tech LLC services a variety of Windows PC Computers including HP and Dell. We can help you with common issues such as virus removal, hard drive repair, upgrades and installations, as well as the unique PC problems we encounter everyday.

Our technicians carry A-plus and Net-plus Certifications, the leading industry standard certification for PC repair and maintenance. We are experienced in hardware and software repair and have an intimate knowledge of the workings (and non-workings) of the Windows Operating System.

We work hard to provide excellent care, at the right price, with a rapid turnaround. Just call anytime during regular business hours, 5 days a week!

Infrastructure Solutions

Computer networking can be complicated to setup, but we can design a system that is easy to use. Whether you need to rewire your office building, or simply need a wireless network setup at your home, Outsourced Tech LLC can help. Since no two buildings are the same, we offer a variety of solutions. Give us a call and find the solution for you.

Examples of different networks are:

  • Local area network (LAN)
  • Wide area network (WAN)
  • Wireless LANs and WANs (WLAN & WWAN)

We can help provide you with proper network, firewall, and switching solutions to build a robust, long-lasting network to provide you with fast efficient internet throughout your home or building.

At Outsourced Tech LLC we pride ourselves on helping you setup your home, office, or company networks. Whether your solutions is big or small, no problem is too complicated for Outsourced Tech LLC Our professional technicians also do network system repairs and troubleshooting. Call us today for more information at (706) 754-0014 or open a ticket via