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Are you unnecessarily risking HIPAA or HITECH violations when you work with third-party contractors?

Staying compliant with HIPAA & HITECH is a necessity for all healthcare organizations. With data breaches increasing in severity every year, the HHS is expected to be ramping up their inspection effort to try and keep pace.

Did you know that 42% of violations in 2016 were caused by a third party associate or contractor?

You need a company that has a proven track record of compliance success. Outsourced Tech has been helping healthcare organizations stay compliant throughout Northeast Georgia. Our track record is flawless, ZERO VIOLATIONS.

Partnering with Outsourced Tech decreases your risk of violation instead of the other way around. We’ve developed policies and procedure that remove the possibility of human error, which is the leading cause of violation:

  • Protect your patients and your own livelihood with HIPAA and HITECH compliance – we’ll audit your technology and your operations to make sure your data is safe and confidential, and that there are no vulnerabilities that could lead to a data breach that could cost you your money and your reputation.

  • Rest easy knowing your records and applications are safe from harm with our comprehensive IT security – email and network protection to lock down your files against unauthorized access, and backups and disaster protection to safeguard you from unexpected threats in the future.

  • Plan ahead for the future – we’ll help you comply with Meaningful Use by leveraging innovative EHR technology that improves productivity, enhances your patients’ care experience, and – importantly – fits in your budget.

  • Stay productive and free up space in your office with our cloud-based hosted systems – we can help digitize your records and make it easy to access your important applications and files on any device, in the front office, in the exam room, or even on the go visiting a patient.

Outsourced Tech is your Total Technology Partner, specializing in IT services for Healthcare Organizations. We anticipate your IT needs, keep IT issues from slowing you down, and ensure easy and constant access to your data, so you can focus on what matters most. our certified technology professionals.


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