• Healthcare Compliance, IT monitoring, administration, and reporting

  • Government IT Services

  • Law Enforcement IT services

  • Business IT Compliance & Security


Servers power business and Outsourced Tech can help you with the right server solutions to meet your business needs.

network consultation

Let us handle your computer data network. Speed is money and our networks are fast.


We will come up with new solutions and ides that fit your business needs.


We can help you develop a comprehensive IT plan for your small to large sized business. Our technicians are well trained in all areas of IT process flow.

Outsourced Tech The Business IT Department!

We are dedicated to providing your with proactive comprehensive IT consultation, administration, management, and reporting services. We use only the best software to monitor your entire network infrastructure so that we can combat security threats prior to them happening.



We offer world class IT services.

Outsourced Tech offers the best in IT consulting so that your business can move at the speed of life.  Our technicians are trained to guide your through all aspects of the IT field from planning, development, implementation, and web services.

about us


At Outsourced Tech LLC

we take pride in providing unparalleled technology services for businesses in the Northeast Georgia area. The company was founded in 2010 with the vision of creating an computer company that possesses astounding technical proficiency, while still giving clients outstanding customer service. You don't just get a group of computer professionals when you use us, you get a business partner. We realize that we succeed when we help our customers grow their business.